Hallmark Dental Laboratory

When you have delivery drivers zipping around all over town every weekday, it makes sense to put them in well-branded vehicles that serve as mobile billboards.

“We have three delivery drivers, and they’re driving around HRM every day — actively moving around, getting different audiences just for doing their job,” explains Shannon LeBlanc, Chief Operations Officer at Hallmark Dental Laboratory Ltd. in Halifax.

The Hallmark team prides itself on being a dentist’s best resource, so they trusted United Sign to design and install colourful vehicle wraps featuring their logo and contact information — and the branded cars regularly inspire clients to reach out.

“We get messages all the time that say ‘Hey, I saw one of your cars.’ They’re very eye-catching, and it’s great exposure.”

While Hallmark Dental Laboratory is already well-known for its toothy logo and soft blue colour palette, Shannon appreciated that the United Sign team suggested a brand-new tagline they could use in the vehicle wrap design.

“They say ‘Why don’t we put ‘Delivering the Hallmark smile’ on the back window?’ and it looks really sharp,” says Shannon. “The team is always super easy to work with, and we can trust that they’ll take our concept, run with it, and create exactly what we want.”

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