Since 1979, the team here at Trim-Line ||| United Sign has been helping businesses boost their brand with high-quality, eye-catching signage.

We’re proud to be a full-service sign company in Nova Scotia, customizing everything from pylon signs, monument signs and channel letters to double-decker buses and sportscars. 

Quality signage matters

We’ve always understood that great signage has the power to bring customers through your door. More than 76% of surveyed consumers said they’ve entered a business they’d never visited before based on its signage alone — while 50% of people admitted poor signage has kept them from going inside a business.

Signs are part of what makes a business feel “real” — and sometimes in the business world, perception is reality. You want to make sure the quality of the image you’re presenting to the world matches the quality of what you can produce for your clients. 

What are your current signs saying about your business? Are you ready for a refresh?

Championing local businesses

While we work on many large projects for national brands here at Trim-Line ||| United Sign, we love rolling up our sleeves to help local small and medium-sized businesses shine. 

We’re cheering for the entrepreneurs setting up shop in their garage, or in their first commercial rental. We love seeing the excitement on a business owner’s face when the rebrand they planned for months is a hit with their client base. 

Part of showing up for our local community means doing what we can, even when it’s unexpected. When COVID-19 struck Atlantic Canada, we tracked down polycarbonate sheets and 24 kilometres of elastic, and our team began using our sign-making machinery to create more than 60,000 face shields for frontline workers.

Your trusted Halifax sign company

Our 10,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility includes state-of-the-art screen printing technology, a CNC router, a flatbed digital printer, a down-draft paint booth, and lots of other fun gadgets that help us take our clients’ signage dreams from the drafting screen to the real world. When it’s time for a big install, our 60 ft. reach crane truck and separate 50 ft. bucket truck help us secure your custom signage anywhere it needs to go.

Still working on your logo and branding? No problem — we can loop in a graphic designer and meet you where you are. Never ordered a sign in your life, and feeling overwhelmed by all of the options? That’s totally fine — we’ll walk you through it. 

Here at Trim-Line ||| United Sign, we want to celebrate your business and share it with our fellow Nova Scotians. Say it with a sign!

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